Escaping the Beast: Politics, Allegiance, and Kingdom

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Some disciples of Jesus are deeply political and become extremely passionate about their beliefs, even to the point of creating divides within the body of Christ. Can this be what God wants for the people of his kingdom? On the other end of the spectrum are disciples who have turned their faith into an exercise of piety, spurning any involvement in politics whatsoever. This may sound spiritual, but can a faith that has nothing to say about the injustices and inequities of the world really be what Jesus had in mind with the kingdom of God?

These are questions that we must wrestle with. Should we embrace politics in the church? Doesn’t that open us up to inherent divisions that will constantly separate us? Should we avoid politics completely? But can we be comfortable with a political approach that, were we living in the nineteenth century, would keep us out of the fray and comfortable with not commenting on or fighting against a political evil like slavery?

In this book, Michael Burns addresses these issues head-on. He lays out a comprehensive examination of the scriptural worldview of the kingdom and how that calls us to approach our discipleship and our place in the world. He then considers the role of nations and the politics of the nations and where the kingdom of God stands in those domains. He then examines the more practical elements of how a Christian community should navigate through the murky waters of worldly politics and specific issues. His goal is not to provide absolute answers but to show how we might work our way through difficult and thorny topics with a kingdom-minded approach.